All Saints Diminished

Today is All Saints Day.  One day set aside in the Christian Year to remember the saints, the “great cloud of witnesses” who have gone before us.  One day to remember that their lives, their testimonies, their witness have played a role in who we are, and in what the Christian faith is today.

So, how did we get from the Saints to this? 20131101_101815Does it help sell Christmas Cards to tell us there is a “Bible verse inside”?

Does it matter which bible verse it is?

Would you buy Christmas cards with Matthew 27:5 inside?

The Christian faith to which our forbears, the “saints” in “all saints” call and invite us, toward which their lives draw us, certainly is about something deeper and more profound than a sticker declaring there is a “Bible verse inside” could possibly indicate.

May we all remember the saints today.  The saints, that is,  who make up the great cloud of witnesses.  The same writer who gave us the “cloud of witnesses” phrase tells us that their point is to help us get rid of the sin that traps us, to lay aside distractions, and to follow Jesus.

May we remember them today in ways that form our lives to someday be remembered with them.

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