So Good You Have to Share?

One day, while visiting with a grieving family, a bag of grapes traded hands.

Ok, that’s not exactly how it happened.  I was at the home of someone who had just died, waiting for more of the family to arrive.  One of those who had been there throughout the morning offered a bag of grapes to one who just arrived.

“Try these.  You haven’t had grapes until you’ve had one of these!”

Those must be some grapes, I thought.  I didn’t try one – they weren’t offered to me.  The person’s suggestion that these were indeed the best grapes in her memory caught me, though.  In the midst of all the emotions that come with the death of a parent,  her conviction regarding the goodness of these grapes was a little mind boggling.

My mind immediately went to this piece someone had shared with me recently. People (usually) invite other people to church for the very same reason this woman was so eager to share her experience with the best grapes she had ever had.

Can you and I make room in our understanding of other people’s experiences for this?

One of the ways I have the most trouble accepting this is when someone suggests something I “should read.”  How do they know what I should read?  Do they think I don’t believe correctly, or that I think wrongly about something, and this book or that article will correct me?

Or maybe they want to share something that has really touched, moved, or helped them.

What has made a difference for you lately?

Is it worth sharing?


One thought on “So Good You Have to Share?

  1. Trust me — I don’t think I tell folks they “should” read this — but, honestly, sometimes after reading something of value — I think I am so excited about it — I just want to “offer them a grape.” Thanks for your post and being mindful of “telling” folks what to do!!!

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