A Day in the Life and Death

A week ago today rocked me a bit.  My phone told me I was receiving a call from my aunt.  The voice on the call told me differently.  The voice was that of a cousin, who, from her grandmother’s phone, was calling to tell me a first cousin of mine had died.

This Aunt had already lost a sister and brother in the past 5 months. Now her 61 year old son, himself a father of 2 and devoted husband, had died of a heart attack.

Later in the day, Rachel shared news with me from facebook that a dear friend of ours had lost a cousin to a massive stroke that same day. She had been 35.

The death of someone as close as a first cousin confronts one with one’s own mortality.  The death of someone a decade and a half younger brought it even closer to home for me.

As we sat watching something from our DVR, I actually caught myself praying that I would live to see the end of the episode.

I chuckled at myself, then gave thanks that, this same day that death seemed to impinge so closely, I had also received, by mail, results from the bloodwork of my recent annual physical.  All the numbers were good – confirming the call I had received late last week.

So I went to bed that night pondering this one line from the Service of Death and Resurrection – a line I had heard read at the funeral I led the day before:  “In the midst of life, we are in death.”

Indeed, we are.  Let’s be thankful for the days we have, and share the love with others that we have received.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life and Death

  1. Steve — beautifully written — and a great reminder to live in the moment!! I’m going to post on my facebook. Although many are celebrating and happy this time of year; many are still facing great trials and cannot see the Light in their darkness. Thanks for being a blessing to our family and the world.

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