Are all comfort zones created equal?

One of the ways I understand my calling and vocation as pastor is to challenge people to move out off their comfort zones. A better way to say this may be that I want to encourage people to follow Jesus, who inevitably, I believe, leads one out of one comfort zones.

Simply becoming uncomfortable is not necessarily what God would have us do, but I don’t recall Jesus saying to anyone, “stay the same. Don’t change.” (So apparently Jesus never signed a yearbook)

Then, the other day, a conversation with Rachel challenged me on this point. Getting others or of their comfort zones is one thing. But what if I settle into a comfort zone of getting others out of theirs?

Got me to thinking that my ability, even my credibility in this regard is strengthened when I am following Jesus in ways that stretch me and draw me from my own comfort zones.

In other words, Jesus isn’t interested in getting you to a different place or onto another plateau. Following Jesus is opening oneself to a journey that doesn’t end.

So I am, as a pastor, challenged to follow Paul’s example of inviting others to follow my example. But my example ought to be changing, growing, moving – else I am not modeling what it is to follow Jesus.

One thought on “Are all comfort zones created equal?

  1. Since Jesus’s commands so often amount to some version of “change!” it can be tempting to begin to think “change!” is the message, instead of “follow/obey Jesus” as the message.

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