“Yes, and” beats “No, but” (or, Man Up, Rick Perry!)

handshake3Governor Rick Perry rejected an opportunity to greet President Obama with a handshake on a visit to Texas. Perry said he would, however, be interested in meeting with the President about the crisis at Texas’ southern border. More than 50K unaccompanied minors have crossed the border this year seeking residence in the US.

Perry has let us all know, for some time now, how dissatisfied he is with the President’s handling of the situation. Or the President’s lack of handling the situation.

Sometimes it seems to me that Perry is more interested in making Obama look bad than in actually making progress on issues.  (Insert here all your opinions about how Obama doesn’t need help looking bad as President.  That’s another post)

If the children in South Texas are more the issue than grandstanding against Obama, though, wouldn’t it have made sense for Perry to accept the invitation to meet Obama with a handshake, and then lead him into a discussion about the issue?

I have found that a “Yes, and…” almost always gets a discussion further than a No, but….”

On the other hand, it may not be a fair assumption for me to make that any politician is actually interested in discussing things with a view to make progress on any particular issue.

On this matter, at least, shouldn’t it be more about the children than about who is right and who does what?

3 thoughts on ““Yes, and” beats “No, but” (or, Man Up, Rick Perry!)

  1. Bash Perry time? even to do so softly seems to ignore the lack of substantial leadership with regards to our southern border for years. Politics is by nature putting yourself into a situation where you can make an impact, hopefully for the good of others.
    To have borders is to be well defined. Borders don’t make you good or bad, they define you. My skin “borders” my body but it doesn’t make me good or bad.

    What if adopted Mexico’s border policy, or China’s or North Korea’s? It’s ok and even good to be well defined. Legal immigration is a great thing and helps nations and people. Actions (and the lack thereof) have consequences and lack of leadership to protect our nation’s borders has been deplorable and has led to this crisis.

  2. I did not bash Perry. I suggested that if what he wants is action by/from Obama on this matter, it might behoove him to accept an invitation to shake the man’s hand. On occasion, handshakes lead to conversation.

  3. I agree that the children should come first. A rejection of an invition to greet the President at the ariport might not have been the best way to communicate this idea but in the words of men far wiser than I, “whadda ya gonna do?”. It’s politics, right. In politics you suspend all reason and courtesy in pursuit of the ultimate goal of re-election.

    But the concern is for the 50,000 children from South America that have illegally crossed our borders in the last few months. “Whadda ya gonna do?’. The answer seems to be to bus and fly them around the U.S.A. searching for a place to “process them”, which means they sleep in overcrowded warehouses and jails to be released on the general public in the middle of the night without warning. That can’t be good either. Do we let them stay or deport them back to their country of birth? Do we skip over the constitution of the United States and obey or disobey law as we see fit?

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