Vote for your hypocrite not against the other hypocrite.

Today is election day.  Or is it Election Day?

Facebook just told me that more than 3 million people on Facebook have voted or plan to vote today.

Facebook also told me that someone is a hypocrite.

I know: right?  Newsflash!  There’s a hypocrite among us!

It so happens that I didn’t like that particular accusation showing up on my newsfeed because I happen to respect the person who was therein proclaimed a hypocrite.

Is that person a hypocrite?  It is very likely that he is.

All of us are.  Well, perhaps not quite all of us.  But there are a lot more hypocrites than non-hypocrites.

So I posted on facebook, in response, “Let the one who is without hypocrisy cast the first condemnation.”

But that wasn’t enough.  No, my mind was far from finished with that!

Perhaps it is because almost a decade ago I placed an ad in the local paper of the town where I then served as Pastor. The ad looked something like this:hypocrites banner

Members of my church were split.  Some were offended.

I changed the ad the next week back to some generic “we are a church” info.

But I stood by my point, and do so today, on election day, in church or on the street or at City Hall.

We are ALL hypocrites.

Then I began to think about the value of pointing out someone else’s hypocrisy.  If we are all hypocrites, and we are, then the primary value of pointing out, calling attention to someone else’s hypocrisy is to keep people from noticing your own.

Projection is what the professionals call it.

And most of us are really, really good at projection.

So, if you haven’t voted yet, please consider this when you vote today, or next year, or whenever: vote FOR the hypocrite you approve of rather than against the hypocrite you don’t like.

In fact, maybe we would all be better off dealing with our own hypocrisy and using other criteria for political choices.

Important final note: to those of you who will comment to tell me that the hypocrisy of the person you can’t stand rises far above the hypocrisy of the person you voted for: project on.  It’s gotten you this far.

One thought on “Vote for your hypocrite not against the other hypocrite.

  1. Speaking as one hypocrite to another, Steve, I’d say you have hypocritically hit the hypocritical nail on its hypocritical head.
    Your article reminded me of a concept I heard Brian Feille preach about years ago (which I subsequently stole for more than one sermon over the years): The Pharisaism of the Publican. Basically it’s about how most/all of us read or hear the story of the Pharisee and the publican, identify with the publican (he’s the good guy in the story, right?), and subconsciously say, “Thank you, God, that I’m not like that self-righteous Pharisee.” (Thereby becoming EXACTLY like said Pharisee.) LOL! Hypocrites? Who, us?

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