Hard Is Hard

Today reminds me of my first winter in Texas. It was 1977-78.  We had moved to Houston the previous August from Maryland.

It snowed once in Houston that winter.  Let me clarify: almost 1/4 inch of snow fell.  It wasn’t cold enough for it to accumulate except on cars, fences, and a little bit on the grass.

We, of course, got a day off from school.  Who could be expected to dare the roads under such conditions?

Still accustomed to Maryland’s winters, my brother and I played in the ‘snow’ in wind-breakers, laughing at calling that winter.

So here we are, “iced-in” in DFW.  It is barely below freezing, but everything is shut down.

I’ve learned, over the years, though, shutting down in Texas for ice and barely-freezing makes sense.  In Texas.

You see, it doesn’t take nearly as much ice as snow to make roads dangerous.  It also doesn’t make fiscal sense for Texas to invest in the amount of machinery and chemicals to face ice and snow that other places spend.

I’ve found this same principle is true in lives: hard is hard.

Each of us have different lives and face different challenges.  What someone else faces might seem like nothing to you though it burdens them terribly.  What seems insurmountable to you may be just about speedbump for another person.

May we all grow in our sensitivity to the challenges of others.  May we approach them with a sense of shared responsibility for the world rather than judgmentalism.

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