Every so often, I am “surprised” by my children greeting me as I come through the door from the garage into the house.  As I open the door, they are both crouched a few feet back, and together they jump up and yell “surprise!”

Honestly, I’m not really surprised.  I hear it coming.

More honestly, nothing could make me happier.

A good friend of mine once imagined out loud that heaven must be Mrs. Johnson’s doughnuts and touch football. He said this, of course, as a way of saying that he understood those two things – eating doughnuts and playing football as pure joyful relaxation.

I might define heaven as being greeted at the door by my children, full of energy and joy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they might rather be upstairs playing or watching a show.  It doesn’t make any difference to me if they went to the back door begrudgingly at mom’s request.

All that matters in that moment is the beaming faces of my children glad to see me.

Comparing oneself to God can be really risky, but when I think about being greeted that way, I cannot help but wonder what joy it might bring God when you and I take the time to stop whatever else we are doing and welcome God into our presence.

You can shout “Surprise!” if you want.  God won’t likely be surprised; but I can almost guarantee God will smile. Even if you do it because someone else suggested it, give it a try.

I can imagine a little of what God must feel like.  And it is very, very good!

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