With the Father close at hand

20150418_094814 This picture is me and Liam. Liam is my 3 year old son.
Liam is holding 2 things in this picture:

  1.      My hand, and
  2.      his sword.

As you might imagine, the sword is one of his favorite toys.   I cannot tell you how many times he has, using his sword, saved his sister, his mother, and I from certain doom.  I imagine he has probably saved the world several times, too.

I’ll tell him you said thank you.

On this particular morning, he really wanted to hold the sword and play with the sword.

He also really, really wanted to hold my hand.

Which made me wonder:

how could a boy feel any safer than to have his sword in one hand and his father’s hand in the other.

I know Liam won’t always want to hold my hand. But I hope he will always feel that my love for him protects him, looks out for him.

Especially when he feels like he needs his sword to face the world.

I can imagine that God would like our relationship with our creator to be very much this same way.  I believe this offers us a helpful perspective on what Jesus meant when he called God “Father.”

We may all get to a point in our lives when we are past the hand-holding.  But I pray the strength and courage that flows through that hand-holding may stay with us.

Especially when we feel like we need  a sword to face the world.

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