4 Fingers Pointing

Jesus’s disciples were his closest followers.

If anyone got it, they did. Sometimes they did, but sometimes they obviously didn’t.

Like in Matthew 26:8-9.  (Part of today’s reading in Euless First United Methodist Church’s GPS – Grow-Pray-Study guide)

Now when the disciples saw it they were angry and said, “Why this waste? This perfume could have been sold for a lot of money and given to the poor.”

What had happened to anger Jesus’ followers? A woman came to Jesus while he was sitting at dinner and poured an alabaster jar of “very expensive perfume” on his head.

Jesus’ followers can be masters of cost and efficiency, especially when they are looking at, and looking to criticize or condemn others.

You and I run the risk of being exactly the same way, whether or not we consider ourselves followers of Jesus. It is easy for us to criticize, even condemn the actions of others.

But Jesus didn’t accept the criticism.  Jesus didn’t agree that this woman was wasteful; he accepted her gift with grace and gratitude.

My parents taught me a long time ago that the danger of pointing a finger at someone else is that it leaves you with 4 fingers pointing back at yourself.

Reading this passage, I wonder if the disciples parents had taught them the same lesson.

It is so easy to point at others. Focus on their actions, deflect focus from yourself, from your own choices, failures, weaknesses, etc.

Jesus’ disciples would have been better off focusing on their own behavior rather than condemning someone else’s.

Jesus’ disciples are still better off focusing on our own behavior rather than condemning someone else.

Next time you catch yourself wanting to point out someone else’s behavior to Jesus, consider this lesson from Matthew 26:6-13.

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