What were the odds?

Honestly the odds on this one were pretty high. A Lottery Official accused of cheating the system.

Since the 80’s, when the head of our government led the country in the direction of “the best government is the least government,” people have been trying to get the government or of every possible area of our lives.

Except gambling. More and more, governments have been moving into gambling, if only to make up for the taxes they promise to cut.

If there is one thing government ought to stay out of, it is gambling! I hope our country’s “smaller government” aficionados would rise up against this.

One thought on “What were the odds?

  1. President Reagan was right. The best government is the least government. In general, that is correct.

    Scripture tells us the heart of man is desperately wicked. In the light of this universal reality, this state official’s criminal conduct is no surprise. What to do? What to do? At least when it comes to gambling whatever the source, it is wise to remember what President Reagan said when negotiating with the USSR, “Trust but verify.”

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