Can we at least…?

I know, #UMCGC has decided not to decide anything about sexuality for the remainder of this session.  We’ll all be here whenever the special commission reports.

In the meantime, is it too late for a civil rights move?  I don’t know why it just struck me today, but can we at least affirm the civil right to same sex marriage in the United States?

It doesn’t mean we have to perform said ceremonies.  But we do, and have for more than 40 years, affirmed that all persons, regardless of orientation (or anything else) are “of sacred worth.”

One of you is probably pretty good at writing up such a resolution. Maybe we still have time.

13 thoughts on “Can we at least…?

  1. Hi Steve,
    For those of us who believe that the current statement about marriage and human sexuality in the Book of Discipline is a faithful expression of Biblical and Christian belief, your question of whether we as a church can at least affirm the civil right to same sex marriage is similar to asking “Can we at least affirm that people have the civil right to reject God’s design and purpose for their lives?” God does give all of us that freedom, but I believe the Church’s message should be
    more along the lines of “Turn to God who offers His love and grace in Jesus Christ, who welcomes as we are and by His Holy Spirit works within us to help us become who He has always intended us to be.”

  2. I am dead set against the church blessing a same-sex relationship. However, I think it might be a good compromise for The United Methodist Church to put a moratorium on ALL church weddings for the time being. Then a commission to STUDY marriage could examine scripture, church doctrine, and our various cultural practices around the world. One concern I have is the inordinate excess that people in the United States spend on such lavish extravaganzas. (This is not very Wesleyan at all.) AFTER such a moratorium and study we might choose to reinstate weddings in the church. Church members who want to get married, could STILL do so legally; but until the church is clear about what we believe about Christian marriage, I think we should STOP doing them.

    The Rev Holly Boardman, retired elder, Florida Conference

  3. Re: Marriage. There is no legitimate reason for marriage to be put under a moratorium. This would do a wrong to those couples that want to get married in their church. Simply obey the Scriptures. Obey the Discipline. It’s that simple. There is no Scriptural basis by which to expect that the Church should tolerate sin simply to accommodate a culture that is without moral center.

    • We don’t get to choose the culture in which we live; whether or not the culture we live in has a moral center, we are here, in its midst, to reach it with the Good News of God’s Kingdom and offer of forgiveness and eternal life in and through Jesus Christ. I contend we are better off reaching them, beginning the conversation with them, by not leading with a list of things we hold against them.

  4. Jim McConnell is pretty much on target. God loves us and accepts us, but He calls us to BECOME. Each of us. The issue is not about Homosexuality, but about becoming who God means for us to be instead of who our sin has “warped” us into. I may be straight, but I have my own sins – no better and no worse than homesexuality – that God calls me to address, which means repent, confess, and walk in newness of life. This is the same thing that He asks of anyone else with their sin.

  5. It wouldn’t be in the BoD if someone hadn’t made it an issue. Once it was brought up, we had to deal with it.

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