Is God like this? Part 2

A good friend and teacher in our church‘s preschool shared this story with me the other day. She overheard one child talking to another child:

You had better stop doing that, or Pastor Steve will find out and come and put you in Time Out!

Here’s the deal: we have about 190 kids in our preschool, and I have never put any of them in Time Out. Nor have I ever even been involved with discipline of any of them. Well, not since last year, when one of the preschool children also happened to be my son. But that’s a different story.

The presenting story today is that children, most of whom are not part of our church, see me, the pastor, as a (maybe) omniscient disciplinarian even though they have never experienced me in this way.

Children are impressionable!

I don’t think they’re the only ones who let their understanding of people in authority, people in power sway their understanding of God, and, thus, their ability to experience God.

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