The only burger that ever changed my life

IHOP is changing their name to IHOB. “Burger” over “Pancake,” they think, will create some buzz and hopefully traffic and sales.

I’ve had a lot of burgers over the years. In fact, I had a really good one last night at Milo all day. I like burgers

But only 1 burger ever changed my life.

I read in USA Today this morning that IHOB’s move is referred to as a “spray and pray,” in the marketing world. Spray some new thing out there and pray it works.

If it includes prayer, it gets my attention. IHOB is praying you’ll try and like their burgers.

The “spray and pray” thing also describes an evangelism model used by many churches and Christians. Spray some message out there, and pray it’ll stick somewhere.

I’ve had a lot of burgers, but only one of them ever changed my life. And it didn’t change me by pray and spray.

It was McDonald’s. Specifically, McDonald’s 4757 in Spring. Also specifically, owner-operator Jeff Scott.

I showed up for orientation at the time I’d been told, only to find out everyone who would have led my orientation was in a managers meeting.

It so happened that Jeff Scott was there, so he started my orientation with a lot pick-up. So the owner-operator walked the lot with me and we picked up trash. Both of us picked up trash.

He explained how important the customer’s experience was, and that it started on the approach to the store.

McDonald’s went on to change my life. Much of what I learned there about Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value have deeply impacted my call and my ministry.

A name change didn’t do it. “Spray and pray” didn’t do it. But 1 burger has made a big difference in my life.

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