How many does it take?

A friend of mine won’t drive in one of the Mid-Cities because he got a ticket there once.89-Traffic-Tickets

Another friend had a bad experience with a city inspector once regarding a small repair job on his backyard fence. It required a permit. Why does a city require you to get a permit to repair your own fence?

I swore off pediatric dentists for years after taking my first child to one who, it seemed, built a rapport with children by strapping them into the dental chair.

Here’s the challenge of living life that way, though: how many people does it take to convince you to give up something completely?

Some of us have met one person of a particular faith and read that person’s behavior or intentions onto the entire faith.

Do you live your faith in a way that you’d want someone to do that with you?

Some of us have read something about a country, a city, a generation of people, a sport, a book, a band, you name it, and formed a bias based entirely on one experience.

And that experience doesn’t even have to be our own.

I don’t always give a good first impression, so I hope others will be more gracious with me than I sometimes am with them.


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