Good Coffee, Part 1

coffee (2)

I like coffee.  I like making coffee.

So maybe you can  imagine how difficult it was for me to learn last Saturday that I don’t make very good coffee.

I’m sure the young man to told me so has a different version of this story.  I expect he would say he was merely trying to be helpful.  In fact, the course he teaches in how to make good coffee is free, so he was not trying to make any money off of me

I think I can get a couple of posts out of this, but, for now, here’s what happened:

I was at a local coffee shop, getting beans for home use.  When asked if I would like them ground, I replied, “No, thanks, I have a grinder and grind them as I need them.”

The very helpful young man serving me responded with an invitation to come to his class where he would teach me how to make better coffee.

As I was sharing this story with my brother Rob, with whom I share a deep appreciation for coffee, I went on a little rant about “who was he to insult my coffee and/or my coffee-making abilities?”

Then I made what I’m going to call the “Jesus leap.”  I reversed positions with the coffee shop employee when I realized, aloud, that my job could be described as doing with other people’s souls what he had done with my coffee-making ability.

Who am I to tell you I can help you take better care of your soul?