I am an immigrant

My friend Jason wrote earlier this week about being a digital native.

I am not, but to borrow from that really lame bumper sticker I’ve seen about people who move to Texas, “I got here as quick as I could!”

I enjoy, and appreciate, and adopt new technology pretty well, I think.  I know people decades older than I am who do so as well. I also know people less than half my age who haven’t yet realized they can keep contacts and a calendar in their iphones.

It is clear to me that however open I feel I am to technology, I am not an “early adopter.”  For example, I heard of and about Twitter several months before I bothered to join and begin tweeting.

As I have been migratory all my life, I wonder if that has translated into my openess toward new technology.    I don’t know, but I appreciate, and echo Jason’s call to digital taives and those who refuse to immigrate:

And so to my “old world” friends, do not decry the lack of respect of the “new world” or hint at how technology, while okay, is really the root of so much evil.
And to my “new world” friends, do not admonish the tradition and wisdom of the “old world” or hint at how older people, while okay, really are an obstacle to “progress”.