I don’t care if “I’ll Fly Away”

Perhaps it is the case that I theologize more than average.  I would, however, take issue with someone suggesting I theologize too much. This thought came into my head the other day, and I’d like to share it with you all.  I would be happy to receive your responses.

Like many other songs that Christians sing, “I’ll fly away” is one that raises serious concerns for me theologically.  I summarize it this way: “I hope and pray this miserable, pathetic, hopeless life ends soon so I can go to heaven where everything will be great!”

I believe this is a very un-Biblical way to see the world. We who follow Jesus are called to be a part of God’s welcoming the Kingdom of God into this world, during our lifetimes. We are invited to experience the goodness of God’s presence now, not just later.

Yet, the tune is really catchy and nostalgic.  I don’t want to sing this song because I don’t like the message. And I want to sing it because I enjoy the tune, the harmony, the memories it evokes, etc.

How closely do you analyze the messages of songs you sing?  Do you pay closer attention to the lyrics you sing in church than those you sing along with in the car or shower?

I really don’t care if “I’ll fly away.” I do care what you think.