the Writer’s Strike end must please

Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien are coming back. Since I am almost never up late enough to watch them, this news doesn’t effect me much.  I am very interested in the writer’s strike, though.

I admit it: I’m a TV hound.  There are shows I really enjoy watching.  If my DVR always worked, there would no longer be any reason I would miss an episode of House, Pushing Daisies, The Closer, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, or Iron Chef America.

All of these shows, except perhaps Iron Chef America, depend on writers.  I believe the main reason I so enjoy the shows I enjoy is precisely because they are well written.

While there is no doubt that Leno and O’Brien are each funny and entertaining in their own right, the fact that their shows went into re-runs immediately as the strike started is testimony to the dependence even talented on-screen people have on writers.

Please bring the writers back.  Perhaps even this blog will improve.

Hot Topic


I knew last night there would be a lesson in here somwhere.  It just took awhile for me to get it.

Rachel and I made some salsa last night.  I took the job of de-seeding the jalapeno peppers we added.  In case you aren’t familiar with jalapenos, or other hot peppers, a lot of the hotness, from the capsaicin (the chemical) is in the seeds.  Since salsa gets hotter over time anyway, we didn’t want it so hot to start with; so, I de-seeded.

Trouble is, I did so with my bare hands.  I dug into each pepper with fingertips to remove seeds.  Afterwards, I washed my hands at least three times with a variety of cleansers.  Each time I touched my mouth or an eye for the rest of the evening, I was reminded quickly that I hadn’t gotten all the capsaicin oil off.

In fact, in the middle of the night I woke up, rubbed an eye, and still got a little burn out of it.  This morning I have kept my hands away from my face, and will for the rest of the day.  I washed them several more times, scrubbed under my fingernails, too; but still, I am waiting.

So, here is the lesson I have learned.  I spent a bit of effort removing the seeds from the salsa to save my mouth from its heat on down the road.  The effort I put into that, however, has seemingly backfired on me by causing me a fair bit more grief than eating spicy salsa would have.

I can’t help but think about the many times various groups of Christians have contorted ourselves and our schedules over various cultural issues in the name of protecting ourselves and our kin.  Many times, through that effort, we have brought upon ourselves side effects that may, in the long run, have proven at least as harmful.