What comes between you and your children?

What comes between you and your children?  Before you answer, consider this:

what they seeI am about to head out to my children’s preschool spring program.  I am excited to see my own children perform, as well as all the other children.

But what will our children see?  Too often, as I observe, the above picture represents what our children see of us during such “big moments” of their lives.

I will make a concerted effort this morning not to let my camera come between me and my children.

It’s not worth it.  Even if I think this will help my memory of “the event” years from now, I have to wonder what their memory will be.  I don’t want the above picture to by the memory my children have of me.


My brother Richard shared this link on Facebook.  Great link, Richard, thank you!

Which of us haven’t been tempted, and caught ourselves whipping out the cellphone to check mail, twitter, facebook, stocks, whatever, in the midst of otherwise being present with someone?

Here’s how Perry Noble concludes:

One more time let me say it again–I’m NOT against social media, smart phones, games and such…but they should be used wisely and be a tool in our hands rather than the obsession of our day that we just can’t seem to do without.

I stand convicted as well.  Though I’ve been trying to do better.

A couple months ago I was out with several colleagues and one of our youth, and I realzed each of them had their phones out.  I didn’t – my battery had died earlier that afternoon. (If your phone’s battery is dead early in the afternoon, there’s a good chance you’re using it too much)

Rachel and I have established a habit of not using our phones while at the table eating – at home or otherwise.  This has been a simple step that has helped me begin to realize that I am too easily distracted from those actually present.

Would you join me in this no phones at the table (with others) practice?  what are some other simple steps you have taken to rein in the connectedness taht so easily tempts us?